Extensions are self contained features within the theme that you can toggle on and off as required. Some of them are powerful, such as the extensive Fonts settings, others enabled advanced functionality such as being able to turn off regions and move blocks in mobile devices. There are many of these extensions and they are all optional, so turn on only what you need.

By default all styled sub-themes will have many of the extensions enabled, so you will see these in the theme settings when you visit the Appearance page for your theme. If you are using the theme developers "at_subtheme" to build your own theme you won't see any extensions because they are disabled by default, look under the Extensions tab to enable what you require.

Here is a run down on the currently available Extensions - future styled (commercial) themes are likely to have more. Documentation on each Extension is currently being worked on, however usage is generally quite strait forward point-and-click type stuff.

Apply fonts to site elements (page, titles, headings, menus and custom selectors). Supports websafe, custom and Google fonts, and @font-your-face integration. Read more...
Title styles
Fine grain control over case, weight, alignment and CSS3 text shadows for page title, node, comment and block titles.
Image alignment and captions
Set default image alignment and enable image captions.
Apple touch icons
Check this setting if you want to use touch icons for iOS, Android and Nokia devices.
Unset CSS Files
Options to unset (exclude) CSS files from loading in your theme - includes settings for Core modules, CSS added by Libaries and your own declared exclusions (see your themes info file under "Stylesheets").
Custom CSS
Enter custom CSS rules for minor adjustment to your theme. Useful if you do not want to build a sub-theme and need modifications to survive theme upgrades if required. Read more...
Mobile Regions and Blocks
Unset regions or move blocks to another region in mobile devices. Requires the Browscap module for mobile device detection.
Float Region blocks
Float blocks in any region - this allows blocks to line up horizontally within a region, similar to a CSS grid or columns.
Markup overrides
Many additional options for adding, removing, hiding and changing site elements and markup - includes:
  • Set the gutter width
  • Use page--full-width-wrappers.tpl.php for 100% width header and footer designs
  • Enable page--[content-type].tpl.php suggestions
  • Wrap menu item text in SPAN tags
  • Breadcrumb Settings - hide, hide the home link, configure seperator, append the page title
  • Login Block - hide links, hide OpenID links, horizontal login block
  • Remove the frontpage title
  • Do not display the Main content block on the front page
  • Remove RSS feed icons
  • Hide comment titles
  • Remove menu link titles (tool tips)
  • Accessibility settings - set the skip navigation target ID, use extra fieldsets in the advanced search form
  • Add rel=author to user names
  • Add or remove CSS classes for pages, nodes, blocks, comments, menus and item lists

    Last updated 4th July, 2012 - 9:10pm