Footheme - Easy Sub-theming

Due to the complexity of sub-theming one of our colorable themes from (or our commercial themes, for which this will work also), we built Footheme, our quickstart starter sub-theme for Corolla, Sky or Pixture Reloaded - it fully supports the color module and the extensive theme settings featured in those themes, including the powerful mobile support provided by the core base theme Adaptivetheme.

To get Footheme visit the project page:

All instructions are included in the README and we have printed them here for you also. Any problems please leave a comment or post an issue in our issue queue:

Footheme Readme.txt



Footheme is a stater sub-theme for Corolla 7.x-2.x and can be easily modified to use Pixture Reloaded 7.x-2.x or Sky 7.x-2.x, which are all sub themes themes Adaptivetheme 7.x-2.x.


Corolla 7.x-2.x is a sub-theme of Adaptivetheme, you must download and install this theme first. You do not need to enable it. I generally assume you have already done this and is why you are now reading this, so moving on... (take the latest 7.x-2.x version).


Install as usual, see for further information.


Mostly this is all done for you and if you have Corolla 7.x-2.x installed and running you
can just enable this theme and it will work! Hooray!

However, if you want to subtheme Pixture Reloaded or Sky, or you really want to change the name from Footheme, then read on.

  1. Copy this entire theme and change the name of the folder. Currently the name of the folder is "footheme", so you might choose "bartheme". In the next step we will use this name for the info file so this is very important because as far as Drupal is concerned the name of the info file is the "machine name" of your theme. Don't use spaces or any punctuation other than underscores. E.g "bar_theme" is OK, but "bar theme" is not OK.
  2. - first rename this file to match the folder name you chose in step one. Next you can change the "name", "description" and "version" to whatever you want. Then you need to copy and paste in some stuff from your base themes info file - the "regions list" and "theme settings list" from your chosen base theme. The ones there now are from Corolla so just replace them. If you're using Corolla then you can do nothing, or just change the name and description.
  3. Color module stuff - using Corolla? No issue, do nothing. If you're using Pixture Reloaded or Sky then you need to delete the color folder from this theme and copy/paste in the color folder from your chosen base theme.

    Pixture Reloaded uses images as part of the color process - they are all in the /images folder in Pixture Reloaded - you should copy and paste that folder in as well.

  4. template.php - open up this file and make some changes - search and replace "footheme" for your themes name.

    In footheme_preprocess_html() you will find some stuff about responsive stylesheets and IE conditional stylesheets - follow those instructions carefully - they are easy and involve renaming some CSS files to match your theme name.

Done? OK, enable your new theme, go to the theme settings form and make sure it all looks normal, then save the theme settings at least once. Done - have some fun.

Last updated 13th February, 2012 - 9:52pm