Mobile Regions and Blocks Changes in AT 7.x-3.2

Previously AT only supported the Browscap module. This has the limitation of only being able to detect a mobile device, with no ability to tell us if the device is a phone or a tablet.

To improve the situation we now support the Mobile Detect module - this gives us the ability to move or hide regions blocks in just smartphone type devices, and leave them alone in tablet, which has been a popular feature request for Adaptivetheme.

Just to be clear - AT now supports both modules, Browscap and Mobile Detect. Note that if you have both installed only Mobile Detect will be used.

The new 7.x-3.2 version includes this new feature, however if you are upgrading you will need to review and adjust the settings. You should do this even if you are still using Browscap, and especially if you switch to use Mobile Detect.

Previously there was only two settings - Unset and a select list to move the blocks. Now there are a number of new settings:

  • Hide (previously unset)
  • Move (a new checkbox)

For both Hide and Move there are new radio settings to choose if you want to hide/move in Smartphones or All mobile devices. By default, even when you upgrade, this will be set to Smartphone.

You must check all the settings are correct AND save the theme settings at least once. This will write the new settings to the database and allow your site to function as before, or as required by any new settings you choose.

Last updated 28th November, 2012 - 2:09pm