Panels, Gpanels and Display Suite

Adaptivetheme supports responsive Panels and Gpanel layouts. To use this capability you can use the Panels module, Display Suite (with Panels) or Adaptivethemes native Gpanels layouts.

To setup your Panels and Gpanels layouts visit the theme settings page for your theme and look under the Panels and Gpanels tab, you will see a number of collasped fieldsets, each one pertaining to a device type:

  • Standard layout
  • Tablet landscape
  • Tablet portrait
  • Smartphone landscape

Under each of these fieldsets you will find the layouts - usage is very strait forward, simply choose which option you want the layout to change to when viewed in that device.

Panels, Panelizer and Display Suite

These modules provide drag and drop user interface for laying out your pages and content. Panels for page layout, Display Suite and Panelizer for content types (nodes) and other entity types. Adaptivetheme provides fourteen responsive layouts that can work with these modules. They come in one, two, three, four, five and six columns and includes two special inset layouts.

In short Adaptivetheme provides the CSS and media queries via its layout settings (in the appearance settings for your subtheme), where you select layout options for each device type - this is what the default layout will change to when viewed in smaller screens.

Panels or Display Suite provide the mechanism to use the layouts to control the layout of your content types or other entitles (like users and taxonomy terms). You can drag and drop fields into panel regions and these will change position depending on your theme settings and the device being used to view the site.

These modules are extremely useful to themers and site developers and are really putting an end to the "custom code in templates" idea, you no longer need to do this, and in fact you probably shouldn't - simply because when you code in templates its hard-coded and the site owner or builder looses control over their sites content.


Gpanels are handled entirely in code - they are themers tool that allows them to drop in multi-column layouts anywhere in the page. For example you might want a three column footer - this is very easy with Gpanels and does not require any additional modules. You can learn more about Gpanels under Using Gpanels.

Last updated 4th July, 2012 - 11:12pm