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Drupal 8 Page Manager

Tim Plunkett recently created a new project for Drupal 8 - Page Manager, which looks set to be the replacement for what was the Page Manager module in CTools from D7.

From the project page:

How to add xmlns attribute for Facebook in Adaptivetheme

This is a "how to" article which describes how to add the Facebook xmlns:fb attribute to the html element.

Normally you would probably hard code something like this in html.tpl.php, however in Adaptivetheme we can push this into a variable in preprocess, thus removing the requirement for a template override and making this a two second copy'n'paste sort of thing.

Hide or Show Drupal Blocks in Mobile

As an adjunct to my recent spate of supporting mobile device contexts using Browscap, and as a compliment to the recently released Browscap CTools module, I knocked out a similar module for hiding and showing Drupal blocks in mobile - Browscap Block.

This module leverages Browscap for device detection and requires it as a dependency.

Social Network Links with Drupal 7, Views and Link

Recently I thought about building a social networking module that allowed you to upload an icon, paste in your link and voilà - instant social network links in a block.

Turns out there already exists a few modules in this space and to be frank I don't think we really need yet another Drupal social networking module. However none of the modules really suited my requirments so I turned to Drupal core fields and Views to see if I could build this with no code and just a bit of configuration.

OK, so the requirements for this are pretty simple:

Move or hide regions and blocks in mobile devices

Most of us are painfully aware that Mobile Tools is not ready for Drupal 7 at this time, which leaves us kind of stuck for a general solution for controlling region and block visibility in mobile browsers. After the 476'th feature/support request for this in Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.x I finally relented and at the eleventh hour (its about to be released as stable), I added these features, and more, to be precise.

OK, in a nutshell, you can (via theme settings)...

Mobile First Design with Adaptivetheme

This article will delve into mobile first responsive web design - what it is and how you can execute mobile first design using the tools provided by Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.x. I will assume you know something about theme or front end development and probably have a reasonable grasp of Drupal theming concepts and responsive web design.

Last updated 5th June, 2012 - 12:37pm

Adaptivetheme Responsive Layouts - Quickfire Video Intro

Adaptivetheme 7.x-2.x includes a new layout engine that drives both responsive and adaptive layouts using media queries. We've made it super easy to configure layouts for standard desktops and laptops, and tablet and smartphone size screens. This video features Pixture Reloaded, an Adaptivetheme subtheme available for free download on Drupal.org and shows off the layout settings and a brief run down on how it all works.


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