5 Groovy Icon Resources

In case you hadn't noticed I really like icons, in fact I love icons. A great set of icons, or even a few nice ones can really lift your Drupal themes from drab, to fab, and all it takes is a bit of leg work to find a suitable set for your rocking Drupal theme. Heres a short list of 5 icon resources I have plundered used recently.


Iconfinder have around 100 000 searchable icons and icon sets, and the bestest thing is that many, or perhaps even most, are free for commercial use or even GPL—amazing. This is my number one choice.


This cat has a rad selection of icons amongst other awesome graphic design resources and links. A must see.


The gotcha here is you have to be a member and you need to collect/trade sets to get all the free icons. The upside is that they are good quality, but then again most sets have a very specific usage, such as Halloween icons and so on. I collected lots of these sets but I don't use them much—all the same they're still worth checking out.


Not quite up to par with the first three and you'll want to have your pop-up blocker on full noise, but if you dig around there are some useful icons to be had. Many are a bit long in the tooth and a tad on the *clipartish* side of things...


I'm a big fan of famfamfam icon sets, they all seem to be easy on the eye and just work when you need icons that do not dominate the overall design. There ain't so many to choose from but they are all top notch quality.

Last updated 5th August, 2009 - 9:46am

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