About us

Adaptivethemes is the brainchild of Jeff Burnz, who is also the current lead programmer and front end developer for all projects. Jeff has contributed heavily to the Drupal project over the past six years and is the current maintainer for both the Seven and Bartik themes in Drupal 7 core. Jeff was one of the 30 most prolific contributors to Drupal 7, with a strong interest in accessibility, usability and front end design. Jeff has a CTR of 8.

The word "adaptive" was carefully chosen and reflects the underlying belief that themes should be adaptable, in every way, whether its the site owner wanting to change the color of the background, or to the size of the screen being used to view the site. In short we aspire to build themes that require no coding and that automatically adapt to the browser and device being used.

The Theme Club was devised as way of offsetting the cost of producing Open Source software and as a way of providing robust support. With the massive growth and interest in our mobile responsive base theme the cost and time requirements of supporting the project came under extreme pressure, so the theme club was launched to offset the cost of development and support. It also allowed us to produce more themes for release.

Adaptivethemes currently supports around a dozen open source projects on Drupal.org, and a dozen or so more available via the Theme Club and growing steadily.

If you would like to hire Adaptivethemes to produce your next Drupal theme, please contact us directly, only to happy to discuss your requirements and see if we are good fit for your project.

Adaptivethemes is listed in the Drupal Marketplace: http://drupal.org/node/1171618