Adaptivethemes to roll out Ubercart and OpenPublish Starter themes

Drupal 6 has seen some truly fantastic installation profiles emerge that allow end users to have a site-in-a-box installation in minutes. UberDrupal gets you up to speed with Uberbcart and OpenPublish is an amazing profile for setting up a magazine or news site.

Each of these profiles has very specific theming requirements. Ubercart has the product and cart pages, while OpenPublish has extended user profiles and bio information for nodes and many additional views and other features.

We have decided to build and release profile specific versions of Adaptivetheme - these will include many new theme settings for one specific profile. This approach has many advantages.

First it cuts down theme development time because the theme is already doing most of the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes, and secondly it gives your clients unparalleled options for configuring their site how they want - so there is added value for both you and your client.

We have already built the OpenPublish version, code named ATOP. ATOP allows you to configure a lot of the options in OpenPublish that are currently hard coded into the default theme - such as section, posted by information and author bio information.

The Ubercart version will allow for greater customization of the product node via the theme settings.

Adaptivetheme already ships with many advanced features (see attachment), and we can see these new profile specific versions being popular with both site builders and developers alike - they just add value and make building themes a breeze.

Of course we will also be building many commercial themes around these profiles as well, expect our first OpenPublish commercial theme out early October.

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Last updated 22nd September, 2009 - 12:22am

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