Bartik for Core!

As many of you may know Bartik is one of the candidate themes for Drupal 7 - we only have until the 17th of May to bring it up to core worthiness so if you're a front end developer your help is needed, and its needed now.

The main tasks are testing, submitting patches and code reviews. Jen and Jacine have a done a great job bringing the theme to where it is now and there's a growing team working hard on the theme, however we need more testers to get involved and really really need to ramp up the speed of the patch review process.

This one is really gonna go down to the wire and I would hate to see Bartik postponed for Drupal 8.

There are two other theme contenders for core, Corolla and Busy, however with the time left and the huge amount of work required I think its time to kumbaya around Bartik (it has by far the most activity and largest community backing) and push at least one theme up to the level it needs to qualify for core inclusion.

Last updated 24th April, 2010 - 7:16pm

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