Pixture Reloaded 6.x

This is a basic run down on the Drupal 6 version of Pixture Reloaded. This theme was built before Adaptivetheme was ever even thought of and Zen was used as the underlying starting point, which served well for the limited features and capability the D6 version employed. Of course the D7 versions are so much more powerful and feature rich, however if you really must use Drupal 6 here is some basic documentation.


  • Colourable - includes 18 pre-configured colour schemes + you can customise our own
  • Drop menus built in - follow the simple instructions in the README for Superfish enabled menus
  • Supports most major features except for secondary menus
  • Well supported - if you need help just submit an issue and I'm here to help

Width Settings

You can set the overall width of your site (scroll to the bottom of the theme settings page).

Specify the page width in percent ratio (50-100%) for liquid layout, or in px (800-1600px) for fixed width layout. If an invalid value is specified the default value (85%) is used instead. You can leave this field blank to use the default value. You need to add either % or px after the number.

If you use percentages be aware that the layout could break if the user re-sizes the browser window down to less than 450px or so, depending on how many sidebars you have active and your actual content.

Superfish Drop Menu

  1. Build a standard Drupal menu. Set the correct levels to "expanded".
  2. Disable Primary links in the theme settings AND check the setting to enable Superfish (scroll to the bottom of the Pixture Reloaded theme settings page).
  3. Place the menu block in the Superfish region (using Drupals normal block configuration system). Your menu will be auto-magically rendered as a Drop menu.
  4. To modify the animation style and speed please see the following site for a full run down on configuring the Superfish plugin: http://users.tpg.com.au/j_birch/plugins/superfish/

Last updated 9th September, 2011 - 11:49pm