Sub-theme Setup

Good on you for choosing the 7.x-2.x version with baked in support for mobile devices!

Setting up your 7.x-2.x subtheme is strait forward and should only take you a few minutes. I assume you have download the theme from Drupal .org:

Unpack the archive to your hard drive and look inside the main folder, the structure will look like this:

- adaptivetheme (the core base theme)
- adaptivetheme_admin (AT Admin theme)
- adaptivetheme_subtheme (the one we are interested in)

1. Copy and paste adaptivetheme_subtheme, it doesn't matter where you place the copied version as long as its in a theme directory. For example if you are using sites/all/themes you can place it there - so you end up with: sites/all/themes/footheme.

2. Rename the info file and edit the info file details. For example lets assume you want your theme to be called "footheme", the name of the info file will be "". Once you have renamed the file open it up and change the "name" to footheme and change the description to suit your taste.

3. Edit the theme_settings.php and template.php files - here we will be replacing "adaptivetheme_subtheme" with your themes name, in this case "footheme" - this must match the name you gave to the info file. The easy way is to just use search and replace.

4. For additional information on using Adaptivetheme view the information in adaptivetheme/adaptivetheme/README.txt

Any problems please post an issue in the Adaptivethemes issue queue on

Last updated 31st January, 2012 - 8:49am