Superfish Menu Setup

If you have downloaded one of our themes that supports Superfish menus you will need to follow this guide on how to set them up - its pretty strait forward, just take one step at a time and follow along closely.

Modules and Stuff

First step is to download and install all the required modules

Upload both these modules to your sites/all/modules folder and enable them on the Modules page of your site.

Next you need to download the actual Superfish JavaScript, you can get it here: - unzip it and upload it to your sites/all/libraries folder. If this folder does not exist just create one inside the sites/all folder.

When you are done everything should look like this:

sites/all/modules/superfish (the Superfish module)
sites/all/modules/libraries (the Libraries module)
sites/all/libraries/superfish (the Superfish JavaScript)

Hooray! Now we are ready to configure some Superfish menus.

Basic Configuration

All Superfish menus use the block system - so goto your Blocks config page and scan down the list of disabled blocks. You will notice Superfish has created a bunch of blocks - the first one called "Superfish 1" is automatically setup to use the Main Menu. Click the configure link and set the style and region you want the menu to appear in.

If you are using Pixture Reloaded, Corolla 7.x2.x, Sky 7.x.2.x or one of our commercial themes you can place this block into the Menu Bar region and it will be automatically styled - just be sure to set the style setting to "None". All the commercial themes support most of the Superfish options such as direction (Horizontal, Vertical and Navbar), and you can place menus in sidebars and have them flyout.

# Things to look out for
I have noticed from time to time the auto-arrow options do not work perfectly, so I usually don't use them.

If your links are too long and wrap you can make the drop menu wider - go back to the block configuration and find the "Superfish Plugins" fieldset and inside that there is are options for "Supersubs" - adjust the minimum width from 12 to 15 or more, depending on the length of your menu items.

Last updated 21st May, 2012 - 11:25pm