Drupal Starter Themes (test site) Rocks!

Its alive and kicking—yes the [Drupal starter themes test site](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes) is back up and running. Its bigger, louder and actually more useful than ever before.

Ok ok, the hype is a bit OTT but Adaptivethemes recently migrated to Clook and due to time pressure (yeah, who doesn't have that...) the test sites went on hold for a *while*.

Three new entrants make their debut - dvessels [Ninesixty](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes/?theme=ninesixty) grids based theme (or should we call that Ninesexy...) brings 960gs to Drupal. [Stark](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes/?theme=stark) makes a start also, the D6 version recently back ported from D7, looking good out of the box. [Bluetrip](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes/?theme=bluetrip) fills out the trifecta and isn't this a beauty. I'll be taking a closer look at all three in the coming weeks with indepth reviews, stay tuned!

[Genesis](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes/?theme=genesis_SUBTHEME) is going through a major upgrade and the 6.x-2.x-dev version is what you see running.

The big addition are the validation buttons at the bottom of every page. These allow you validate all manner of standards including XHTML strict, CSS2 and US508.

The theme switcher is still there and you can still log in and mess about without causing to much damage, the site resets every so often so [knock](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes) [yourself](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes) [out](http://adaptivethemes.com/starter-themes).

Last updated 7th April, 2009 - 2:20am

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