Genesis DARK Starter Subtheme

As part of the continuing innovation of the [Genesis starter theme ]( have developed a dark style starter theme. This new starter subtheme will be included in the Genesis base theme along with the other two starter subthemes. Additionally I have renamed the old genesis_LITE theme to genesis_ULTRALITE to avoid confusion (the ULTRALITE subtheme simply has less HTML and is nothing to do with style).

For those of you not familiar with the term "dark", it refers to negative style themes where the background is black or other dark shade and the text is light colored.

I got the idea to do this while porting the old [Genesis Darkmatter]( theme to Genesis 2. The old Darkmatter theme was always meant to fill the role of a dark starter theme and it has done this quite well. However, it was built very quickly and never polished, in fact its pretty rough. I decided the best thing was to abstract the support for Drupal core and other modules into a proper dark style starter theme. I also seem to be building more and more dark themes so this helps me get a head start on those as well.

Currently genesis_DARK is in dev (although its pretty good already) and is only available in the [6.x-2.x-dev]( version of Genesis. Theres a few todo's and I want to build a couple of themes first to weed out any problems before including it in the stable release, of course it helps if you can test it out and submit issues:)

Genesis Dark is now stable and has been released. Go forth and enjoy!

## Features

* Support for all admin pages
* Fully styled tables and forms
* All messages restyled
* Support for contrib modules - Views, Panels and Vertical tabs
* All dark styles abstracted into a new style_dark.css file

Heres some screenshots of the default install thus far. Enjoy!

Genesis Dark starter theme front page
Genesis Dark starter theme message styles
Genesis Dark starter theme Views edit page
Genesis Dark starter theme Panels add content page
Genesis Dark starter theme Node Add page
Genesis Dark starter theme Content page

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