Getting Started with CSS

Prolly one of the most frequently asked drupal design questions to me and others in the Drupal forum is "how do I [insert question] CSS". Answering these questions provide little more than the proverbial *fish*, whereas we really want to be teaching them *how to fish*. Heres a few resources that can really give you a head start with CSS.

## CSS Basics
Need to start at the beginning, or learn more about what CSS is, does and can do?

## Firebug
Firebug is a great tool but many neophytes don't really know how to use it. We tell them to download it but then what? This video shows you how to use Firebug.

## Web Developer Toolbar
Second on my list is the WDT, this has so many great tools including some excellent CSS tools.

## Handy Bookmarklets

## Big Reference of Resources

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