Jeff Burnz

Jeff Burnz

Hi, I'm Jeff, the developer behind Adaptivethemes. My goal is to solve the problems faced by site builders and themers when building their Drupal sites - I want to make it easy to have fantastic looking themes and for it to be configurable, adaptable and responsive to your requirements, and those of the modern mobile web. And of course for a very good price. I also believe in providing the best support possible for my work - if that means staying up late so you make your deadline, so be it. Its not only about the product, but how well you service it.

I'm a full time Drupal themer with a strong interest in open source software, accessibility and a passion for design. I am also the Drupal 8 Design Initiative owner - our objective is to design and build a new core theme for Drupal 8 and establish a collaborative work space for designers, UXer's and Drupal developers to collaborate on Drupals design requirements.

I contributed heavily to Drupal 7 working mostly on accessibility, RTL and other theme layer improvements (I have worked on every core theme in Drupal 7) - including contextual links, Garland, Seven, core templates and CSS, Bartik, Corolla (candidate), OpenID, search module and other stuff I can't remember. I am one of the top 30 contributors to Drupal 7 core.

I am the current maintainer of the Seven theme for Drupal 7 (D7's administration theme) and a co-maintainer of Bartik (D7's default theme). My personal battle plan for Drupal 8 includes HTML5 in core, D4DC (Design 4 Drupal Core), adding a new core theme, and accessibility and UX improvements.

I've been building Drupal themes for around six years and have contributed many open source themes to the Drupal project. Overall I've been in the web development business for... a really long time... more than a decade, lets put it that way :)

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Skype: jmburnz!/adaptivethemes