Drupal 8 Page Manager

Tim Plunkett recently created a new project for Drupal 8 - Page Manager, which looks set to be the replacement for what was the Page Manager module in CTools from D7.

From the project page:

Seasons is a subtle theme with no hard separation of header from the main content. It uses configurable gradients using the color settings to provide visual separation of the various page elements. Borders are used only on blocks. Seasons has twenty seven regions and combined with the core theme layout settings you can create hundreds of different layouts.

Seasons, Vibrant and Timeout Coming Soon

This is just a quick update to clarify the situation with our AT Seasons, AT Vibrant and AT Timeout themes.

These themes are being spruced up and the demo sites finalised before we add them back to the site. This should happen in the next week or so.

Seasons and Timeout are very close to release (this week) with Vibrant still needing extra testing and configuration of the demo site, then it's good to go early next week.

How to add xmlns attribute for Facebook in Adaptivetheme

This is a "how to" article which describes how to add the Facebook xmlns:fb attribute to the html element.

Normally you would probably hard code something like this in html.tpl.php, however in Adaptivetheme we can push this into a variable in preprocess, thus removing the requirement for a template override and making this a two second copy'n'paste sort of thing.

AT DoubleQ

Stylish modern theme with full support for Panels, Display suite, Superfish drop menus and much more. DoubleQ is the first of our commercial themes built using SASS. It has full color module support and three color schemes and you can create your own using the color module features built into the theme.

Hide or Show Drupal Blocks in Mobile

As an adjunct to my recent spate of supporting mobile device contexts using Browscap, and as a compliment to the recently released Browscap CTools module, I knocked out a similar module for hiding and showing Drupal blocks in mobile - Browscap Block.

This module leverages Browscap for device detection and requires it as a dependency.

Social Network Links with Drupal 7, Views and Link

Recently I thought about building a social networking module that allowed you to upload an icon, paste in your link and voilà - instant social network links in a block.

Turns out there already exists a few modules in this space and to be frank I don't think we really need yet another Drupal social networking module. However none of the modules really suited my requirments so I turned to Drupal core fields and Views to see if I could build this with no code and just a bit of configuration.

OK, so the requirements for this are pretty simple:


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