Crowd Sourcing Drupal Themes - Lets get this party started!

Today relaunched as the first crowd sourced commercial themes provider for Drupal. The concept is simple, designers upload designs and themers port them to Drupal, everyone gets paid a slice of the pie each time the theme sells. That slice is split evenly between the designer and the themer, with a small portion deducted for business and running costs.

The early response has been overwhelming. The feedback from designers has been very positive and they see this as way to extract value form their (often many) unused designs from previous spec work. Themers are being hand picked and there is no way to sign up as a themer to take on work. This was a critical decision because the quality of the coding is all important, whereas less desirable designs simply won't get ported.

AdaptiveThemes will primarily sell premium quality themes, very high design quality on top of an extensible and end user friendly base theme. The base theme has many theme settings and other end user goodies. Many themes will come with Views export modules and help to set up the site.

The shop launches on August 1st. Right now we are seeking designers (we already have 7 signed up) and building the Ubercart driven shop and other site features to supply real time sales stats back to participants.

The site is live right now, so if you want to check it out, take a look - If you are interested in taking part please sign up or contact me via the contact form. We can only do this with the power of the Crowd so lets party! BTW, silly hat photo's are mandatory.

Last updated 29th June, 2009 - 2:42pm

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