AdaptiveThemes Client Services Rollout August 8th

On August 8th AdaptiveThemes will begin offering client services, principally custom design and theme development for Drupal. This is just one week after the launch of our new commercial themes Ubercart store so its a busy period for us.

Currently we have 31 designers and 9 professional themers with a wide range of development and design skills, so we are able to deliver on almost any design brief or theme development requirement.

AdaptiveThemes will project manage all private services freeing the client from the distraction of dealing with development and design staff and all the nitty gritty details demanded by software and design projects. Designers and themers no longer have to report to the client and both parties will benefit by the project manager being able to communicate in a language they can understand.

Client projects will be awarded to the designer and themer best suited to the project at hand, pending availability and agreement with the client.

Members must have either submitted one design to AdaptiveThemes or be approved as a Themer to qualify for private client work.

Last updated 13th July, 2009 - 5:23pm

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