Earth Taxonym - Open Source Global Locations Taxonomy

The Earth Taxonym project was launched this week and proposes to build a global locations taxonomy that will be made freely available to anyone. The basic idea is that you join the site and fill in locations in your area. Locations are arranged in a hierarchy so are highly suitable for categorisation or navigation for many Drupal sites—directories, travel sites, property sites and more.

Earth Taxonym are currently seeking Country Coordinators to manage each countries "branch" of the locations taxonomy. Contributors are invited to join the site and start filling in location place names and descriptions. Later the site plans to pad out the information with data from other geographical databases using RDF.

Shortly you will be able to download the taxonomy in XML format and import it directly into your Drupal site using the Taxonomy Export/Import module. RDF will be supported and for those who want it a CSV version will also be offered.

Last updated 18th March, 2009 - 3:26am

Authored by Jeff Burnz on