Export Adaptivethemes Advanced Theme Settings

In the latest bleeding edge DEV version of Adaptivetheme we've introduced a new feature—the ability to export your theme settings. This is useful if you need to move your Drupal theme and you can't just export and move the database as well.

The Advanced Theme Setting defaults are stored in the themes info file—this is basically a long list of settings with their default values. You can change these manually as much as you like, but... you have to get it right and theres a lot of settings to double check, especially if you're using the Theme Development Settings and your theme relies on these settings to display correctly (most of these add extra CSS classes).

Since we're building Drupal themes all day, every day I wanted to be able to do this quickly, and more importantly, accurately. This was actually a pretty simple feature to build into the theme and it's one more tool that can make my day a little bit easier;)

So how does it work? You'll now find a new fieldset with a textarea, in the textarea is a copy of each theme setting and its value (whatever you have set it to). You can copy/paste these directly to your themes info file (over write the existing settings), or save them in a text file for a backup.

The one caveat is that content type specific settings can't be exported in this way because these cannot be set from the info file and are only ever saved in the database. Even so this is a very handy time saving feature.

Rock on people.

Adaptivetheme export theme settings screenshot

Last updated 27th March, 2010 - 10:25am

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