Due the nature of the product (irrevocable digital goods) refunds will only be issued if you have first made an effort to resolve your issue by doing one of the following:

1. Submitted a support ticket/project issue in order to resolve the issue, i.e. give us a chance to help.
2. Contacted us via email, Skype or phone for help to resolve your issue, i.e. giving even more help.

Please note we offer full demo's for all our themes and are happy to provide pre-purchase support for questions you might have regarding a theme or your site.

For issues caused by third party modules we will make every effort to support your request for help, in a situation where the issue simply cannot be resolved we will offer you the refund, however this is extremely rare, in most instances we should be able to provide a work-around specifically for your site.

If you would like a refund please send us an email with your order ID and your user name and the reason why you require a refund. Note that we do not simply provide refunds on hearsay, you will need to show us the specific issue and explain why this cannot be resolved (explanations are only required if you have not previously contacted us regarding the issue, or posted an issue).

For refunds where you have accidentally paid due to not cancelling your account in time, or where for some other reason you paid when you should not have, for example on occasion members have signed up twice after forgetting they already had a membership, please contact us via the contact form and we're happy to resolve the matter.

In most instances we should be able to issue a refund immediately or within 24 hours depending on the time of the day you send in the refund request. Requests made after 5pm Friday (GMT +1), on the weekend or on public holidays will be serviced the following normal business day. You must send your request within 14 days of purchase.