Free High Quality Themes for Drupal

Today I launched a new project that will port hundreds, probably thousands of Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS themes to Drupal.

3rdWorld Themes will become the home of a large repository of free, high quality ported-to-Drupal themes.

The idea has been nearly a year in the making. Phase one was the development of a highly flexible and extensible starter theme called Genesis. I needed a theme I knew like the back of my hand and that I could bend and twist to suit most themes. Unknown to most of you I also built a rather wicked grids based starter-theme but caught a lucky break when Ninesixty came on the scene. I mention these two themes because all the themes at 3rdWorld will be subthemes, either of Genesis or Ninesixty. UPDATE: I have added both Zen and Blueprint themes as possible base theme for subthemes, this should open it up to more themers and provide some competitive spirit:)

Phase two was amassing a gigantic repo of free and open source themes that were not only free, but beautiful as well. I have around 500 to-be-ported at the moment but believe me when I tell you there are thousands, possibly in the realm of 3000+.

Phase three was more tricky, scheming a year off work so I can do this. I have taken a year sabbatical and will work on this nearly full time from August onwards. The downside is I actually have to study at the same time and write a thesis so I can only be "mostly full time".

Phase four is now - building the 3rdWorld Themes websites and porting the first couple of themes. I have only done two themes so far due to all my other commitments and the need to wind up professional contracts up until late June. Then I take a month off in July and start back in earnest in August.

Please understand the site is in early beta, I will be adding Views soon enough so we can sort and filter more effectively.

Right now I only plan to support Drupal 6. Post code freeze I'll start looking at the Drupal 7 situation more closely. Sorry, no plans to support Drupal 5.

Why Port themes, what about original works?

First, I am not a designer, so I have to do what I do best and thats building themes from other peoples designs. Second, I don't have time to design 1000 unique and original works. Third, there is an abundance of free and open source themes that look great on Drupal, so why not.

Whats the Catch?

No support, no forum, nothing. Just download and use. This is how almost every other project operates. I cannot afford to run busy forums or provide any support in any way. If you email me it will be ignored.

Can I Participate?

Dam strait you can. There will be many ways to contribute:

1. Port themes and upload them
2. Add PSD designs you want ported to Drupal
3. Nominate open source themes you would like ported
4. Give me money so I can eat (and go to Drupalcon Paris)

Of these options only number #1 is currently possible, and you will need to sign up an account and have it approved. Because we do not have support or version control it is very important you build themes of high quality that don't break, easily.

I know theres going to be detractors to this. Well, Drupal is a do-ocracy, and I'm doing it. Enough of this talk that Drupal cant look great, because it can, and I for one am putting my hand up and making a monumental effort to redress the situation, starting now.

Download our first themes now - 3rdWorld Themes.

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