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UPDATE: this survey is now closed. The winner was Sean O'Rourke.

5 Groovy Icon Resources

In case you hadn't noticed I really like icons, in fact I love icons. A great set of icons, or even a few nice ones can really lift your Drupal themes from drab, to fab, and all it takes is a bit of leg work to find a suitable set for your rocking Drupal theme. Heres a short list of 5 icon resources I have plundered used recently.

Drupal Design Services

AdaptiveThemes offer custom Drupal theme design and development. We manage your design project from inception to delivery working as the bridge between you and the design and development teams.

The first step is to submit your design brief. The design brief helps lay the groundwork and allows us to identify the design requirements.

You can submit your design brief using our web form. We will then contact you to flesh out the details so we both have an accurate picture of what needs to be delivered.

What are Premium Drupal Themes

Premium Drupal Themes

Premium Drupal themes, or *Drupal templates* as they are sometimes referred to, are themes that are beautifully designed paired with advanced features such as theme settings, color, style and layout options. In this article we explore what makes a theme *premium* and what you can expect when purchasing Drupal themes.

We're One Year Old Today

Just thought I'd mention that we are in fact one year old today and I am so pleased this project has finally started taking shape and is now on the fast track, growing everyday with a group of truly talented designers and Drupal themers. It took us a long time to get here, much thought and planning went into this and 350 odd days of contriving to bring it to reality.

I'd like to glance back at my very first post and I think you'll see I've really stuck to my guns:

Give your Nodes some Class

In this short tutorial I'm going to show you how to set a unique class on your nodes based on taxonomy terms, which is something I've been asked about more than once or twice.

First thing you need is a template.php file and inside that declare a preprocess function. We're going to use this function to build an array of class names and then print them in node.tpl.php. With me? Ok.

How Gpanels Work - the Secret Sauce

When I first built Gpanels I ran into the usual layout problems when using percentages—IE rounding up, Operas inane percentage rounding behavior and a bunch of other pita issues.

I decided there must be a better way of achieving the layout I was looking for, and not using grids, because my base theme is not grids based.

Call to Action - Help needed with Drupal Design Profiles

We are working on a set of Design Profiles. A Design Profile is a package that includes:

1. A Drupal Installation Profile.
2. PSD templates.
3. A design brief.
4. Design resources such as a logo or other supporting graphics.

The purpose of the Design Profile is to give designers and theme builders a clear development path from design to finished theme. They are not for custom theme builds but rather to help designers design generic themes either to sell or open source.


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