Plone Makeover

[World Plone day]( is coming up on 22nd April and I thought I'd drift over to Havent been there for a while but those of you who know me know I worked with Plone for many years before coming to Drupal. Well was I in for a shock—[]( has had a [total makeover](

Some (not so?) interesting comparisons with our own redesign.

1. Looks to have been done totally in-house.
2. Designed years ago but feels fresher, friendlier and more up to date than ours (IMO of course).
3. AFAIKT no one got paid to do it.
4. Did not abandon their logo...
5. Did not bastardise Mambo's logo...

Now, don't think that I think our redesign is not fantastic, because it is. The new features are simply amazing and frankly the entire team has done an outstanding job. I'm also a huge Mark Boulton fan, been reading [his blog]( for years and have bought [his books]( even.

I think I'm just irked by that Mambo-like logo and the font, oh the logo font...

Last updated 19th April, 2009 - 4:14pm

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