Semantic Views Module for Drupal 6 - Video Tutorial

The Semantic Views module for Drupal 6 allows you to easily insert HTML markup for your Views rows and fields.

This is a new module by bangpound and I think this is really going to change how we think about theming Views because for the first time it puts clean semantic Views output in the hands of site builders and other end users, without having to get their hands dirty in the templates.

Semantic markup is intrinsic to good accessibility, SEO, if not the development of the web as whole. It can also make theming a lot easier—we no longer need to litter our stylehsheets with all those extra classes.

I can see this module becoming a big part of our theme development, both for client and commercial themes, where we can provide a Views export module.

Usage is quite strait forward.

1. Simply select the Views Style as Semantic Views : Unformatted and set the Row style element, such as a div. Here you can also group elements and apply an HTML element and there are options for setting CSS classes.

2. Select the Row Style as Semantic Views : Fields. Here you can set the HTML element for each field. For example you can set h2 for a title and p for other the other fields.

Heres a quick and dirty vid showing how to use the Semantic Views module. I make the assumption that you have already installed the required modules (Views and Semantic Views). In the video I create a basic node view with a few fields and set a row style wrapper div and HTML elements on each field.

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