Strike Back with Stylestripper

Almost as hot as a real stripper [Stylestripper]( is a small module that allows you unset any stylesheet in Drupal—core or contrib.

The bane of my theming existence are modules that load their own stylesheets. Of course some simply must "load their own". Admin menu would be pretty useless without one, so would Views UI. But some stylesheets IMO verge on being a total waste of time, take comment.css for example...

.indented {
  margin-left: 25px; /* LTR */
.comment-unpublished {
  background-color: #fff4f4;
.preview .comment {
  background-color: #ffffea;

Do I really need to load an additional stylesheet just for this? Nope, chances are I'm doing this anyway in my style.css file or other. I really don't need or want this sort of crap loading, only to be overridden by my own CSS. On a tangent this should be .indented, .unpublished and .preview (nice generic classes) and stuck in a base.css file or similar.

Back to Stylestripper. You'll find the config at admin/build/themes/stylestripper, you can set some global defaults and then for each theme decide what you want to load and what not to. Fantastic.

+1 for themers, may the force be with you.

Last updated 4th May, 2009 - 12:27pm

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