Theme Developers Toolbox

For those just getting started in Drupal development peering into another developers tool-box-of-tricks may reveal a work flow not previously considered, and software never heard of. Frankly I'm pretty run-of-the-mill but I do have my favourites apps I just can't break free of.

**Primary OS**

* Windows XP


* [Eclipse PDT](, [Xdebug](


* [Fireworks](
* [Photoshop](
* [Inkscape](
* [Flash](


* Firefox 2 & 3 (Gecko)
* [IETester]( (IE's 5 to 8)
* Chrome (Webkit)
* Opera (with [Dragonfly](

**Firefox Addons**

* [Firebug](
* [Web Developer toolbar](
* [Codeburner](
* [YSlow](
* [Colorzilla]( (colour picker)
* [Fireshot]( (screen grabber)


* [NonVisual Desktop Access]( (open source screen reader)
* [WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool](
* [WAVE Toolbar 1.0]( (Firefox addon)
* [Web Accessibility Toolbar for Opera](
* [Firefox Accessibility Extension]( (Firefox addon)
* [Firevox]( (Firefox screen reader)
* [Fangs]( (Firefox screen reader emulator)
* [Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar]( (Firefox toolbar for WAI-ARIA)
* Is it just me or do I seem to use a lot of accessibility tools?


* [Wampserver](

**Other tools**

* [XRAY](
* [Dreamweaver](
* [Tortoise CVS](
* [OpenOffice](
* [Dropbox](
* [E Text Editor]( (Textmate for Windows)

I used to develop almost exclusively on Macs and was a long time user (15 years +), however I switched to Windows about 12 months ago. WinXP has actually proven very stable and allows me to do everything I need to. However, I am considering a change to Linux so this toolbox may start to look a little different in the coming months.

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