Three new Drupal 7 Preminum themes from Adaptivethemes

Hooray, we just launched our first three premium Drupal 7 themes - Biz, Vibrant and Magazine.

All our themes use Drupal's color module and have advanced settings for layout, fonts, breadcrumbs, search results, menu bullets and even background "overlay" images.

The background "overlay image" is an interesting feature - semi-transparent textures and patters overlay a colorable background, such as the page background or a region allowing numerous combination's.

Superfish module support is standard as is Views Slideshow, Calendar and Quicktabs. One interesting feature is the lack of support for Drupals Main and Secondary menus - this is deprecated in favor of using regions and blocks and the Menu Block module to build primary/secondary/tertiary menus. If you drop a menu block into the "Menu bar" region it will automagically get styled, as will a Superfish module block.

Each theme has a unique combination of regions and no less than 27. They all have multi-column footers and other sets of columnar regions such as 2, 3, 4 and even 5 column panels built in.

The combination of color module + theme settings + load of regions and layout options gives great value for money. Right now we're pricing at $65 USD per theme, which is in the same ballpark as WooThemes and Rocket.

I wanted to build themes that were extremely flexible, with modern hard boiled techniques (no IE6 support here sorry). I think we have achieved a superb balance between great looks and lean code. I also wanted the themes to be easy to customize - where you might purchase one and then do extra modifications.

All our Drupal 7 themes are built on the brand new Adaptivetheme 7.x, which is HTML5 and makes extensive use of the new semantic elements such as <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>, <article>, <time>, <aside> and so on - just an extra bonus under the hood.

The plan is to release at least two new themes every month. We're looking forward to long sustained growth of the commercial theme collection.

Last updated 30th January, 2011 - 5:01pm

Authored by Jeff Burnz on